This is your space to THRIVE.

Take advantage of a virtual tool box to create what is possible for YOU. Dive into the program suite for inspiration through learning and introspective exercises. Head to the THRIVE Facebook Group for seminars, video Q&As and other exclusive content from Scot and Tom. Have a question? Send it through our email form at the bottom of the page!


  • Original Freedom’s flagship program to address your past, lose your fear of the future and to truly live in the moment.

  • Includes 39 videos of education and instruction for introspective work to help crush the cages that are limiting you from what is truly possibly for your life.

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Access monthly virtual seminars and Q&As from Scot and Tom, while taking part in a community of like-minded people all looking to live a life of TRUTH, INTEGRITY and AUTHENTICITY. Most of all, engage in a place where you can safely and truly be yourself.

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