“I have never seen anyone be able to connect with individuals so quickly, gain their attention, and deliver crisp and easy to digest messages to support personal and professional growth. Trust SCOT, and trust his process, it works.”

-Ryan Conway, Red Bull North America


  • access to Original Freedom’s growing suite of video-based development programs, including Crushing the Cage

  • monthly virtual seminars with world-class instructors Master Sergeant (Ret.) Scot Spooner and Master Sergeant (Ret.) Tom SpooneR

  • MONTHLY Q&A’s with SCOT and tom, the founders of original freedom and hosts of the original freedom podcast

  • a place in the THRIVE FAcebook group to share and network with like-minded people

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With 27 combined years in Special Forces, 45 years of sobriety and more than 50 years of perfecting the tools for a life of freedom, Scot and Tom Spooner share their knowledge in their suite of programs

crushing the cage ($297 Value)

  • Original Freedom’s flagship personal development program

  • 39 videos, totaling seven hours of education

  • Gain access to the courage necessary to achieve what is possible for you

  • Develop the ability to live your life unafraid of what the outside world thinks

  • Understand the nature of your personal power

  • Understand your ability to create the life you desire

  • Understand the true concept of “Everything Happens for a Reason”

  • Stop being forced down roads paved with someone else’s dreams

  • Tap into the courage to speak and act in alignment with your AUTHENTICITY


Access monthly virtual seminars and Q&As from Scot and Tom, while taking part in a community of like-minded people all looking to live a life of TRUTH, INTEGRITY and AUTHENTICITY. Most of all, engage in a place where you can safely and truly be yourself.

Embrace the processes Scot and Tom have used to help thousands of people live a life of true freedom 

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Scot and Tom Spooner are doing amazing things for the human experience; from assisting Warriors to elevating the way CEOs lead, these men of honor are top notch. Highly recommend Original Freedom.
— Jen Satterly , All Secure Foundation
“I can truly say that because of my experience with Scot and his approach to leadership, I have grown more in the past several years than my entire career previously combined. I am a more powerful human.”
— Josh Napier, Red Bull Distribution Company