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From combat to business and everything in between, Scot and Tom Spooner have gathered a wealth of experience and knowledge rivaled by few. Now, the brothers are on a mission is to share that wisdom with the world, helping provide the tools for others to take back their personal power.

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Work towards a life of freedom with guidance from Spec Op veterans and world-class instructors Scot and Tom Spooner, a suite of development tools, and a tribe of like-minded people to help get you there.

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The Spooner Brothers

Scot and Tom Spooner walked similar paths through their time in the Army. However, both made their marks in their own individual ways. The brothers from Belle Glade, Fla., combine for 38 years of military experience, with 29 of those years spent in special forces. With 48 months of direct combat experience gathered between them, the brothers entered the business world together after their service by instructing tactics and taking executives "from the boardroom to the battlefield."

Passions outside the tactical world led them to succeed in their own individual projects in the areas of corporate leadership and rehabilitation. Being two of the first servicemen to start dialogue on the truth behind Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Traumatic Brain Injury, the brothers' paths have converged again to spread their message of living a positive lifestyle.


Dan Walker

Former Chief Talent Officer, Apple, JC Penney, Gap

"...the most creative and effective leadership development experience that I have witnessed in my 40-plus years in Corporate America."


Alexandre Ruberti

President, Red Bull Distribution Company

"...clear, simple and effective concepts to help people find paths to unlocking their potential."

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