Crush the Cages 

Power Retrieval (Task)

Scot and Tom take you through the power retrieval process of sharing your inventories with another person.


Scot and Tom define forgiveness and talk about its importance in the power retrieval process.

Restitution (Task)

Scot and Tom take you through the process of addressing every item on your inventories, how to clear them and put them behind you.

12-Month Painted Picture (Task)

Complete your second 12-Month Painted Picture, this time after going through the Crushing The Cage process and now with a new scope of possibility.

Maintain Power

Scot and Tom explain the ongoing process of maintaining your power and what is required to do so.

Assessments (Task)

Now, having completed the restitution process and the Crushing the Cage education, conduct your second self-assessment and ask those close to you who conducted assessments in the first phase to follow up.

Member of the nation

Scot and Tom congratulate you on completing the Crushing the Cage program and welcome you to the OG Free Nation