“I have seen nothing like it in my entire career. These guys are to be taken very seriously and will, no doubt, go on to change the landscape of leadership development at every level.”

-Dan Walker, Former Chief Talent Officer, Apple, JC Penney, GAP

Original Freedom consulting

Since 2012, Scot Spooner has shared his experience-based knowledge with private corporations on what it takes to establish and maintain a culture of High Performance. Formerly a leader and a member of high-performing teams as a Paratrooper, a Green Beret, and a member of Delta Force, Scot has spent the last decade advising on organizational dynamics in companies ranging from start ups to global multi-billion dollar brands.

Scot possesses an unmatched combination of experiential knowledge in the personal development and leadership development spaces, and famously shares it with passion, truth and immediate relevancy to his client’s current reality.

Original Freedom Consulting offers organizations a variety of impactful services:

  • Key Note speaking

  • Three-Day Team OPTIMIZATION Off-Sites (2 travel days)

  • Six/nine-Month organizational OPTIMIZATION process

  • Customizable Digital/E-based Development tools

  • Executive level one-on-one guidance (6 and 12 months)

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“Since meeting him in 2013, Scot has been more than a consultant or trainer. He is a close friend who understands what is going on in our company and has helped us move forward in terms of leadership and our human approach. Integrity is his middle name. He is authentic and isn’t afraid to show vulnerability. Scot has continued to create clear, simple and effective concepts to help people find paths to unlocking their potential.”
— Alexandre Ruberti, President, Red Bull Distribution Company
“I engaged Tom and Scot to build an “out of the box”, fresh approach to rapidly building leadership skills of front-line managers. The results…the most creative and effective leadership development experience that I have witnessed in my 40-plus years in Corporate America. The final product was nothing short of astonishing. The real impact on my front-line managers was immediate and profound.”
— Dan Walker, Former Chief Talent Officer, Apple, JC Penney, GAP