brain treatment center and sOC-F come together to offer all special operations veterans free treatment

Scot sits down with Dr. Erik Won, president of Brain Treatment Center, to talk about his life-changing experience with their revolutionary treatment.

free treatment for special operations veterans

Thanks to the generous people at the Special Operations Care Fund (SOC-F), everyone in the special operations community suffering from trauma can receive treatment at the Brain Treatment Center, located in San Diego, Calif., at no cost. For more information on the treatment and how you can apply for it click the buttons below!


This collaboration between Brain Treatment Center and the Special Operations Care Fund covers the tens of thousands of dollars it costs for each special operations veteran to receive treatment. There is still an opportunity for you to give if you wish! Veterans going through the process still need help with funding for travel to San Diego and meals and lodging while they’re there.

To contribute to this cause and help make a veterans stay as comfortable as possible throughout this life-changing treatment, click the donate button below and select “Lodging for Brain Treatment” under the Targeted Giving tab!

Licensed medical professionals needed

There is a need for medical professionals specializing in trauma that can be used as vital assets for these veterans going through this treatment. That is why BTC has provided a way for those professionals in the San Diego, Calif. community that are interested in volunteering their time to do so. Click the link below to connect with Brain Treatment Center if you’re interested!

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